France is very close, yet so far; because of our differences in language and culture it is sometimes difficult to reach each other: L’Héron Bleu builds bridges.

The French market is interesting for exporting companies but how do you plan your approach? Often a lot of general information can be found, but specific details about your branch or market are hard to find. How do you make your step into a new market or how do you go about intensifying your market activities?

The French market seems difficult to enter into, especially if you do not speak the language. A lot of information is available only in French and is therefore not access­ible to you. Although today the French tend to speak English, it is often difficult to make the right contact. In the end, the French prefer to speak their mother tongue.

L’Héron Bleu helps you to find your way and to execute your plans. We offer commercial support based on our client’s wishes and desires, pragmatic and no nonsense, always respecting culture and ways of the people.

That’s why our slogan is:

"Better known is better served"