France is a large market that is in many ways very interesting for exporting companies. This is true for traditional export products, but also for modern products of our time, like, for example, design products.

Structures in France are often very different. This combined with not knowing to speak the language makes is difficult to understand them. The French way of doing business is different from other countries. This often leads to misunderstanding each other; Good and promising contacts do not develop because of mutual mistrust and confusion.

I always like to illustrate this with the example of a Dutch managing director who treated one of his best clients to a glass of milk and a sandwich for lunch. Although this is a good Dutch tradition, a French client, who is not used to this, can get the impression of not being taken seriously. You take your best client out for lunch!

L’Héron Bleu helps you in finding the best point of entry into the market. We will coach your first contact and help you understand and to avoid a potential client being discouraged before you have started. Being well prepared is essential!