How do we work?

Basis of L’Héron Bleu’s working principle is to be well prepared. Our motto is: never start unprepared. A good preparation is essential. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression on a new client.

Make your client’s market surroundings and experiences known to you. Understand his problems and offer a solution. Understand your client in his cultural background. Comprehend that your way may not always be appreciated by a client in the process of granting an order or a project.

L’Héron Bleu does the fieldwork, finds the right contact, approaches the company and helps you to make an introduction. After the first contact a lot is clear on the best way to proceed.
L’Héron Bleu establishes the action list and prepares the next step. Together we will define the way to go. L’Héron Bleu coordinates your first order or commission in a way to prepare you to be able to execute the next order by yourself.

Our collaboration is based on an agreed, if preferred differentiated, hourly rate.