Read about what L’Héron Bleu clients tell you about our approach and the results they have achieved in collaboration with L'Héron Bleu.

  • René Francken, Sales England

    Mr Francken, managing director Bunches Flower Exports, specialised in the English market: "Our goal was to approach the French market and we had some prospects in mind. Jitsko made all preparations as a project. He contacted the desired clients and introduced Bunches as a supplier. We were talking to Système U within two months! He consequently managed the rest of the project in a professional and effective way."

  • Cees de Wit, Managing Director, De Wit Transport Hillegom

    "Working from a pre-established list of companies that we would like to work for, Jitsko independently worked this list to establish new contacts or expand existing ones. He travelled to visit these companies to intensify our client relationship.
    Due to his fluent French and his good understanding of French culture he was very successful in doing so. The result: 30% of the potential clients have reacted positively to our proposition. When we were to do a new project of this nature I would certainly like to work with Jitsko again. He transferred all information to our commercial department in a very clear and structured way. Collaboration with Jitsko was a good experience to all those concerned."

  • Stéphane Riou, Plus de Fleurs Valence

    "For the development of our concept it was very important for us that we could supply our Flower and Plant shops directly in the Netherlands. L’Héron Bleu put us in contact with a number of Flower suppliers, plants suppliers, Bouquet making companies etc. Through this we were able to make the right choice between suppliers in a balanced way.
    L’Héron Bleu has intensively coordinated our visits to The Netherlands acting as our interpreter, but also as our representative in our meetings. Because of this our visits have been very efficient and instructive. L’Héron Bleu has in this way contributed to the success of the development of our company"